Frequently Asked Questions

where is jerry made?

We are highly committed to outstanding quality and awesome design. That is why our Jerry Cat Bed is made in Germany. With high-class materials, cutting-edge technologies, well-educated staff and a seamlessly transparent production we enable to keep our promise of highest quality products.

How should I arrange my Jerry?

Please put your Jerry on a even and stable surface to enable the best stability. On uneven or sloped surfaces there is the risk for the Jerry to turn over.


What can I put in my Jerry?

This cat cave was developed for cats. Basically, beside a cat and the additional official supplies which are part of the delivery you can also put other objects in the cave. In such cases, please make sure that the escape route for your cat is still given. For accidents with products which are not part of the delivery the user take full responsibility.

Why are there air holes on the ground?

These holes makes it easier to clean your Jerry. Additionally, they support the air supply for the very unlikely event that your Jerry is turning over. Therefore it is important, that all objects like the delivered cushion lay loosely in the cave and are not fixed with glue or other devices.

How can I clean my Jerry?

Just wipe you Jerry with a wet cloth. The cushion is machine washable at 30°C.

My Cat doesn‘t like Jerry. What can I do?

Many cats love sheltered places like Jerry. Unfamiliar smells or unfamiliar views sometimes makes the cat feel skeptical. In such a case we recommend to switch the position of Jerry or to put the catnip bag into Jerry. Your cat will love Jerry.

Can Jerry really be placed outdoors?

Jerry is made of plastic that resists sunlight and wetness. So don‘t worry to place it outdoors.

IS Jerry even suitable for bigger  cats?

Jerry measures 59x36x35 cm. It is spacious and comfy, so that even bigger cats can enjoy too look out or have a nap.